The Yellow Cowls

The Yellow Cowls (The Mage’s Crusade)

Quote: “The destruction of Madness leads one to greater purity.”

Beliefs: The Far Realm is a cancerous growth on reality. The only solution is to not only sever links to it but also destroy it and their gods of madness. There is no greater threat than the beings from that realm, those that seek power from there, or anyone sympathetic towards the Far Realm. Magic is a tool that can be used to excise the horror and madness. The Yellow Cowls were the first guild established to protect travelers from the horrors erupting from the Far Realms, a duty they continue to this day. Each member takes an oath to uphold those that follow the Old Gods and pledge to eradicate all Madness (their name for anything associated with the Far Realm) from realty.

  • All Madness must be destroyed
  • Magic was created as a tool from the gods to combat Madness
  • The gods have taken an uneasy alliance against the Elder Gods and therefore one must learn to accept good and evil together
  • A path matters less than a result
  • True knowledge must be used, otherwise it cannot be considered knowledge

Goals: The long term goal of the Yellow Cowls is to destroy not only all traces of the Far Realms, but the Far Realms itself. To accomplish this the Yellow Cowls take up arms against all aberrations, their worshippers, and their sympathizers. Some other goals pertain to their founding, protecting travelers on the road and eliminating other threats. This one sided goals is balanced by requiring members to seek an inner enlightenment through their faith.

Typical Quests: Destroy a Mind Flayer colony, expose and eliminate a band of cultists

Background: The Yellow Cowls were founded as an order (they claim) in the second age when only giants and dragons were members. There is no doubt that they are the first mage guild formed, even before they could be classified as a mage guild. They were formed as an elite group of mages to fight the Elder Gods. They have since taken on additional duties, protecting travelers after acknowledgement that communication lines were important; and fighting corrupted (by the Far Realms) governments and any sympathizers in response to the Empire’s efforts to wipe them out. The group has since expanded and also consists of the Yellow Knights and Yellow Assassins for non-mage members. Membership is difficult to obtain and many remain at the apprentice rank (and wear a light yellow cowl) their entire lives).

Membership includes pious mages, chaotic alignments are a minority. Pseudo mages are usually directed towards one of the sub branches of the knights or assassins. Tolerance for any that follow the Old Gods is a mainstay belief.

The Yellow Cowls

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