The Orange Cowls

Orange Cowls (The Artificers)

Quote: “Within each of us is the potential for godhood.”

Beliefs: Many not familiar with the differences between the different mage guilds think of the Orange Cowls as the potion makers. These mages do spend an inordinate amount of time working on making potions and other magic items but their philosophy goes much deeper. The Blue Cowls believe that each person has the potential to wield magic, and that each has a right to wield magic. Their creation of magical artifacts and potions grants magical ability to others. They seek an eventual end of imbuing each person with magical ability. This eventual end state will grant the forces of the universe the power to overthrow the minions of the Far Realms and open up all of creation to each individual; thus each person will become a god.

  • Within each person is a seed of a god and only magic can make it bloom
  • Imbuing the everyday with magic brings one and others closer to ascension
  • Only by opening up all to ascension can we then focus on personal enlightenment
  • Knowledge through self-reflection and experimentation is the true form of knowledge
  • Trust others to learn when they are given the tools needed

Goals: The Orange Cowls want to open up magic to everyone. Currently this is a slow process in creating magic and trusting others to teach and uses it; although this trust must be earned! The leadership understands that most are not ready for the responsibility for magical use; but those that are should be allowed the freedom to develop. Sometime in the future a magical awakening will happen causing all to become magically gifted.

Typical Quests: Create a magical item or retrieve a unique ancient magical device.

Background: The Orange Cowls were once taken up by another group that devoted themselves to creating magical items, but this group died out sometime in the 4th Age (they created many of the magical devices that adventurers look for today). The current group took up their color more recently, within a hundred years; although there are whispers that the group only hid in the shadows for a thousand years. The Orange Cowls remain small and are discerning about their harsh requirements for admission. Their apparent focus on creation of magical artifacts has caused many to seek their aid; but gaining their trust is much more difficult. The group is known to stay out of local affairs and sit quietly in the background while they build orphanages, schools, and support particularly gifted craftsmen. Many believe the group is up to something, but most are only rumors as members rarely speak much about themselves.

Membership includes sorcerers who are highly valued for their natural gifts but few sorcerers have learned how to craft artifacts. Wizards make up the remainder with many necromancers among the members. All must display a talent for making artifacts and be an atheist.

The Orange Cowls

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