Blue Cowls

The Blue Cowls (The Pyramid)

Quote: “Knowledge is power but secrecy determines the power of knowledge.”

Beliefs: The Blue Cowls are seen as obsessed with two things, hierarchy and the study of magic. Most other mages see them as a secretive mage cult. They do not freely reveal their inner workings and recruitment is direct (they approach the recruit). It is true, they are secretive and do not reveal their inner workings to outsiders; except they work to oppose the Far Realm. The guild is directed at magical research both at creating new spells; but their obsession is the source of magical power. The internal workings of the guild (internally they call it a “house”) is an organized hierarchy with new recruits at the bottom who can ascend ranks by breakthroughs in magical research.

  • Research and experimentation is the best means to acquire knowledge objectively
  • Objective knowledge is pure knowledge
  • True Knowledge can be obtained at the top of The Pyramid and only the worthy are allowed to receive it
  • Knowledge determines worthiness
  • Magic is limitless and therefore the study of magic is an infinite form of learning

Goals: From the outside goals are relatively unknown. Internally members hope to research their particular niche of magic and ascend the pyramid to attain greater power within the organization.

Typical Quests: Seek out an ancient wizard’s library to find a particular scroll for a low level spell that uses different material components.

Background: The Blue Cowls are an ancient guild. References to them were made during the end of the Third Age. They originally were independent groups of mages that gathered together to study and trade knowledge, through the eons they morphed into a condensed secretive organization. At times they have gone completely underground only to reappear. They do take a public stance against the far Realms, but seem to contribute little (usually knowledge sharing). Most mages in this guild are extremely powerful, but have little practical experience. Members have try to limit their interactions with others work frequently with proxies to work with those outside the organization. They stay away from cities and keep their guildhalls far away from what most would call civilization.

Membership includes Wizards and Sorcerers of a lawful alignment. The organization has an extreme distrust of Warlocks, although they are interested in studying the magical relationship between them and their patrons – they simply do not trust any warlock patrons. The group also has some non-mage members who are sages who devote their lives to related studies (such as history). These sages never climb to leadership positions, but they can be quite prominent.

Blue Cowls

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