Vir-Toth a demiplane created by good, neutral, and evil gods alike to hold back the forces of chaos from the Far Realm. A crossroads of those who worship the Olds Gods of creation and those of the Elder Gods who wish to spread their madness from the Far Realms of Chaos to our reality.

Eternal Chaos is a D&D 5e campaign set in the demiplane of Vir-Toth; a world of three orbiting shards that sits on a rift to the Far Realms. Vir-Toth is used by the gods of creation to block further intrusion of a set of Elder Gods from the Far Realm whose madness will unravel creation. In the greater D&D cosmetology Vir-Toth sits between the Prime Material Plane and the Far Realms. Vir-Toth has its own set of planes that are linked to the Outer Planes; but travel outside the demiplane is difficult.

The campaign take place on Scania one of the shards that has a belt of orbiting moonlets (called Ancients). The climate is mostly dry and is dominated by sandy deserts, mountains, and dry artic areas. Civilization is limited to certain areas where agriculture can thrive but the deserts and the arctic have thriving nomadic tribes.

The current campaign started at the bottom, the PCs were seeking out Kursk Bloodhand; the leader of a group of pirates, each hoping to enact their revenge on him. Along the way they have killed his youngest son, freed a small village from Kursk’s yoke, and discovered the whereabouts of a millstone made of solid gold.

The campaign is designed to be “adult traditional horror fantasy.” Characters killing monsters and looking for treasure; the monsters will start turning towards aberrants and those leaning towards Lovecraftian horror. Adult themes lean more towards adult horror (torture, mutilation, and slavery). As the characters gain experience they will have to deal with horrors that may cause insanity and moral choices that may cause greater psychological damage than a fireball spell.

Eternal Chaos

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